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The Electric Body

September 8, 2012

Since the human body has its own electromagnetic field this area of enquiry is very relevant to our knowledge of health and well being. It is also important to understand that electromagnetic fields interfere with each other and any electromagnetic field affects the behaviour of charged objects within the vicinity of that field.

In 1929 Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian scientist working in France, wrote a book entitled “The Secret of Life: Electricity, Radiation and Your Body” in which he claimed that health was determined by electromagnetic frequencies at a cellular level. He theorised that bacteria, viruses and other pathogens set up interference patterns that disturbed these frequencies. He used wave oscillation techniques to suppress and stimulate cancer in the body and suggested that the strength of the fields needed to cause significant changes in the body was very small in relation to the electromagnetic fields of standard, modern objects such as computers and interior lighting.

During the 1930s Professor Harold Saxton-Burr of Yale University discovered that all living beings have a measurable electromagnetic field surrounding them. He found that the field changes when there are physical or emotional changes in the body and eventually arrived at the conclusion that the field is the primary control system of organic life – that changes in the field control changes in the physical cells of the body.

According to this theory disease results from a disruption of our endogenous electromagnetic field, whereas health results from the restoration of electromagnetic balance leading to improved organisation of cells and immune function.

Other scientists have continued this work, including Dr Robert Becker, an orthopaedic surgeon who received a Nobel Prize nomination for his work on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on living tissues. Dr Becker investigated the modification of electromagnetic fields through the application of specific electrical currents and discovered that he was able to partially regenerate missing limbs in rats using this approach. Here was further evidence that definite physical changes follow changes in the electromagnetic field. {“The Body Electric”, Dr R. Becker and G. Selden; Quill, New York 1985}.

Spencer Joseph

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