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February 28, 2013

Illness is now being clearly revealed by Western science as a multi-factorial process. This, of course, is the position that has always been maintained by the wisdom traditions of The East. Medical conditions emerge via a unique, individual process, and even the idea that our genes are responsible is under great challenge in the field of epigenetics. It turns out that most of our genetic expression may be indeterminate – in other words it is not clear how or why genes are activated.

“The human body is a process of consciousness, not a structure – it is a verb, not a noun. 98% of the atoms in your body today weren’t here a year ago. Everything we call physical is non-physical. It is energy and information that is recycling. Your genes are not deterministic. Awareness is the key to transformation and reinventing the body” – Deepak Chopra

This leads to the conclusion that we have responsibility for our well-being and we can achieve this through the development of awareness, which ultimately creates freedom.

Awareness requires an ability to observe our thoughts, emotions and physical states as they arise, in the present, so that we can make conscious life choices without being attached to these experiences, without mistakenly believing that these experiences are who we are. This takes real work and time because most of us are heavily conditioned to react to the world without noticing our reactions. However, true identity is always present as the Being within which all experiences manifest.

Are you still here when thoughts cease ? Are you still here when emotions subside ? Are you still here when you sleep and forget your body ? Clearly the answer is “yes”. Then the question is “who am I ?”

What you think of as the present is already the past. By the time your senses and subconscious mind have processed your environment and dialogued with your conscious mind to offer a representation of reality, this “picture” is already of the past. You are living in the past, a split second behind reality, until you learn to release your attachment to thoughts and meet life as it is, rather than as you expect and think it to be.

It is the space between thoughts where you access the present, where you access reality. You may claim that even a small amount of time spent without thinking is boring or useless, but the exact opposite is true. This is the space where we connect directly and receive inspiration. From here it is possible to live in the everyday world, and ironically to then think with clarity and act with purpose.

To paraphrase an ancient Tibetan teaching, “when the rider is able and the horse is trained, a clear direction will emerge”. Observe your mind, notice your reactions, develop awareness and change your health in a profound way.

Spencer Joseph

  1. “It is the space between thoughts where you access the present, where you access reality.”


    What did Miles Davis say about the space between the notes? Eric Clapton too. Pretty much the same thing. 🙂

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