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March 25, 2013

Freedom: the state of not being limited, restrained, imprisoned or enslaved by one’s own mind.

Today is the Jewish festival of Pesach (Passover) – a story of freedom from slavery. Actually, all wellness and spiritual rituals are designed for this same purpose – to create the experience of freedom.

In Exodus 3 it states that Moses encounters God at the burning bush and God tells him – “I Am That I Am.”

In the book of Psalms 46:10 it states God’s instruction – “Be still and know that I Am God”.

In contemporary language we might state this as – “Everything is constantly changing, but observe carefully and notice that this is only an expression of what is changeless.”

If everything is in continual motion then questions naturally arise. What is reality? Indeed, who am I?

Firstly we can observe who I am not. The body is always changing. Thoughts pass. Emotions and physical sensations come and go. Therefore, after enquiry it often becomes apparent that I’m not actually sure who I am. I don’t know.

Freedom is the recognition of what Is, rather than what will fade or pass in time. The stories of “me and my life” are just thoughts, they are passing impressions of the mind rather than truth or reality.¬†Meditation is the awareness of what Is, that which has ongoing reality rather than passing form.

All traditions of spirituality and wellness teach the importance of becoming still in order to access this awareness. Be still and listen. This is considered to be the great doorway to the mystery of “who am I?”……not a thing, a thought, a concept, a memory or a theory……I AM.

There is great relief and freedom that comes with the awareness that my underlying reality is already complete….just fine as it Is. This awareness does not come from the 5 senses or the mind, it arises from stillness and listening. From this comes a feeling of relaxation that supports us to live with greater ease in the everyday world, finding creative solutions to the ordinary challenges of work, family, relationships, community, health and the environment.

Spencer Joseph

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