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April 11, 2013

There are many techniques, skills and methods that can make your personal, everyday life feel easier and more satisfying. I discuss these ideas with clients on a daily basis. There are, I imagine, quite literally a million books on this subject.

But if you want to know yourself, if you want to feel complete, if you want to be truly well, the wisdom teachings say this:

Forget spirituality. Forget wisdom. Forget searching.

Be aware of That which is changeless within everything that is changing…..thoughts, people, sensory experiences…..

Then people say:

“But I have to think and do stuff all the time….what do you mean?”

And the wisdom teachings say:

You can have a normal life. Rest in your heart. Be still. Observe. Listen. You are That within which all experience arises. Be aware of this and the balance of how to live without clinging to thoughts and actions will unfold.

Then people say:


And the wisdom teachings say:

You are already complete. You are not the body, the mind, your thoughts, your memories, your name……

You are a wave in the ocean who forgets the ocean and mistakenly identifies itself as “wave separate from the ocean.”

Spencer Joseph

  1. Marlene permalink

    Very deep I like this, one needs to connect with the true essence of self that self which know no boundaries because it is limitless, it knows no name because it is nameless.

  2. You are the one who realizes that your thoughts are wandering when you are in meditation or mindful practice

  3. Now I just need to have that level of being more often

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