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October 13, 2013

One day a Rabbi announced that he had reached a state of great enlightenment. Many students came to visit him and finally, early one morning, one asked:

“Is it true that you have become enlightened ?”

“It’s true” replied the Rabbi.

“And how do you feel with this great realization ?”

“As pissed off as usual before breakfast” said the Rabbi.

Human beings experience human emotions. These can continue to arise even when a person has achieved great personal or spiritual development. What is significant is the capacity to notice emotions, to express them skillfully with compassion, and to remain aware that the emotions are not who I am but rather transient experiences passing through me. Of course it is true that with development we can transform memories, beliefs and perceptions that may otherwise trigger difficult emotions, but they may still arise anyway as part of the human experience of life.

Spencer Joseph

  1. Warren grossmith permalink

    Very funny and excellent commentary

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