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The Erickson Approach

February 2, 2014

Milton Erickson is arguably the most influential figure within the history of hypnotherapy. He is often viewed as a genius of modern American thought with a unique story and approach to therapy.

‘Milton H. Erickson, M.D.: An American Healer ‘ { 2006, Crown House pub. }  sees his daughter Betty Alice Erickson reflecting on her experiences of her father. The words need no further analysis:

“His basic philosophy was that life is joyous even though it is hard, unfair, filled with pain, and that every choice has both cost and benefit. Each of us is in charge of how we use what’s in our minds and hearts. He simply did not believe in a victim mentality, although he certainly recognized that people can be victimized…..

To be a victim says you are choosing not to learn. Certainly he knew what he was talking about. He walked with a cane his whole adult life, had been paralyzed and heard his doctor tell his mother that he would die, before morning. He spent years of his life in a wheelchair, with the dependency that entails, he had learning disabilities as a youngster, was tone-deaf and color-blind his whole life. Yet he was never a victim. ”

Spencer Joseph


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