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Conflict & Resolution

August 10, 2014

Conflict is unavoidable and sometimes it seems to be everywhere. Often we hear strong opinions that seem to lack real depth or holistic understanding. We must all be careful not to reduce complex interactions and situations to over simplified soundbites or prejudicial bias.

The body-mind can also be subject to ongoing conflict, especially when we fail to listen to its continual communications. By exploring conflict resolution in the mind and body we can heal ourselves and extend this process out into our society and the world around us.

I would like to share a simple yet profound process from the Integrative approach that will support balance and wellbeing when making important decisions:


1. Slow your breathing and open your posture when listening to information.


2. Use intuition and instinct. Notice in particular how your heart and gut respond.


3. Don’t judge too soon. Use critical analysis, be aware of emotion, then allow space for your mind to rest and become still. This may result from sleep, exercise, formal meditation or other activities that support inner stillness.


4. Bring attention to your body and allow yourself to slow down before you take action. Allow discernment to emerge from a synthesis of mind and body.


5. Take responsibility for your actions.


6. Review the consequences of your behaviour and pay particular attention to any significant, repeating patterns.


7. Repeat stages 1 – 6 on a regular basis.


Spencer Joseph


From → Consciousness

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  1. Lorraine permalink

    Yet another great article. Thank you

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