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An Unusual Eclipse

March 19, 2015

The solar eclipse on friday March 20th 2015 is a particularly unusual event in that it also coincides with a super moon and the spring equinox.

A solar eclipse refers to a phenomenon where the moon briefly obscures the sun. A super moon (or perigee moon) occurs when the full or new moon gets closest to the Earth and therefore appears bigger than normal, while the spring equinox refers to the time of the year when the day and night are of equal duration.

The traditional spring theme of rebirth, growth and renewal at this time of year is echoed in festivals such as Passover and Easter. For those interested in astrology this will be a new moon in Pisces (associated with the qualities of water) while the sun is entering Aries (associated with the qualities of fire).

An integrative perspective would consider that the friday eclipse is therefore an opportunity to go within oneself and connect again with dreams, visions, an inner voice and the cycles of life. No need to follow anyone else’s rules for a ritual – whatever works for you.

A contemporary psychological enquiry might frame this event with the following question:

“ if you could be more yourself from this friday, what values would you embrace, what qualities would you notice and how would you know that they are featuring more strongly in your life ?”

Spencer Joseph


From → Consciousness

  1. That eclipse sure was a powerful one. I had a tough time staying energetically grounded. I used a ton of Schuuman resonance Theta binaurals and it helped me to stay focused and calm during the major life transition that ensued right on cue during this period.

    • Interesting. The use of different sound frequencies for therapeutic benefit is certainly a fascinating area.

      • Absolutely. I’m looking forward to formalizing my experience in using Tibetan singing bowls in the future. Incredible ancient technology. I’m really excited to hear of the increasing popularity of this modality.

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