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True Integrative Health

November 12, 2017

We all now have access to a previously unimagined volume of information on health and well being, while specialists in every field become increasingly specialised.

While this may lead to valuable discoveries, it has also been the case historically that much, perhaps most of human evolution has been characterised by a process of cross-pollination.

The integrative model of health states simply that all living forms, structures and processes are interconnected. Therefore genuine health requires us to integrate the micro and macro, inner and outer, the individual and communal. While taking care of our own body-mind we must equally pay attention to the needs of our community, society and the planet’s ecosystem.

While my own clinical work focuses on many details of individual health concerns, it is also true that we cannot attain full health until we also address wider issues such as economics, environment, education, gender equality and human rights.

Since the health of our society and planet appears now to hang in the balance, my attention has been drawn recently to the discussion around offshore investment, tax havens and international financial regulation. Until we have transparency of financial flow, the currents of currency, we allow a fundamental linchpin of global corruption and illness to remain unchallenged.

So I have signed the Avaaz petition below (with over 1 million others) which will be delivered by former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown to the leaders of The G20 asking for major international financial review and reforms. It will at least be another step in the right direction for integrative health.

Spencer Joseph

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