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Viruses and Immunity

February 3, 2020

We all have some experience of infection by virus and we are particularly familiar with  annual / seasonal viruses such as the common cold. Recently we have seen the outbreak of new viruses including SARS, zika and now the coronavirus.

Viruses are highly complex and adaptive. An outbreak may end when a virus is unable to find any more people who are susceptible to infection while some viruses may continue to infect people, but without necessarily causing any obvious symptoms

There are actually now four coronavirus strains that commonly infect humans as common colds or pneumonia and the new coronavirus strain may become the fifth.

While we can all take sensible practical precautions (ie carefully washing hands with soap or sneezing into your elbow) we can also support our immune systems by reviewing the care we take with our own health.

Along with the important considerations of diet, sleep, exercise etc….there are many traditional herbs and supplements that may support immune function. Some research from Western healthcare promotes the use of vitamin/mineral supplements such as Vitamins C, D and Zinc while traditional teachings from The East emphasise the use of plants/herbs such as turmeric, siberian ginseng and reishi mushroom. There are many others……

Strengthening the immune system through supplements and herbs is a complex subject as people have differing genetic and immune system profiles (different constitutional / elemental types in traditional eastern medicine). In addition, we all have particular individual requirements that can (and will) change over time according to many variable life circumstances including our psychological and emotional process.

However, in my experience it is worth the effort to regularly review our basic human needs and to explore the help of supplements / herbs as a means to strengthening immunity.


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